Illustrator Contribution to Brand Visual Art

Hi there! #WeAreArkana and we will talk about brand key visual art here.? This blog is going to be a bit long, so please enjoy yourself while reading this!?

In terms of marketing and advertising, we use brand Key Visual Art (KVA) to refer to a specific image or visual element that represents a brand, product, and campaign. It’s a visual representation to communicate a message or idea to the target audience and is often the centerpiece of a marketing campaign.??

KVA art can include a logo, a tagline, an illustration, or a photograph, and is usually designed to be instantly recognizable and memorable. KVA can be used across all marketing channels and touchpoints, including advertisements, social media, websites, packaging, and promotional materials.?

Do you know this #funfact about KVA? Roger Kastel designed this iconic poster for the movie “Jaws” and is considered one of the most memorable movie posters of all time. Oh, we all know that poster!?

If you are wondering how big KVA’s role in advertisement is, here are the importance of brand key visual (KVA):

1. Creates Brand Recognition: use consistent visual elements for KVA such as colors, typography, and imagery, a brand can establish a recognizable and distinct identity that the audience will associate with their products or services.

2. Communicates a Message: KVA can convey a brand’s personality, tone, and overall message to its target audience.

3. Attracts Attention: Using eye-catching design elements, a brand can differentiate itself from its competitors and draw in new customers.

4. Enhances Emotional Connection: Using visuals that evoke a specific emotion or feeling, a brand can create a more meaningful connection with its customers.

5. Reinforces Brand Identity: Using consistent visuals across all marketing materials, a brand can strengthen its identity and make it easier for customers to recognize and remember. Can you spot these key visuals?

It really shows that any illustration studio and agency has a big role in brand KVA. We, Arkana Illustration Studio, really understand that we need to be responsible artists when it comes to making KVA.

Here are the responsibilities of Illustration Studio/Agency for making KVA:

  1. Reflecting brand values: Ensure that the visual elements created align with the brand’s values and communicate the intended message.
  2. Avoiding cultural insensitivity: Ensure that the illustrations do not perpetuate stereotypes or promote harmful ideologies.
  3. Legal compliance: Ensure that they have the necessary permissions and licenses to use any copyrighted material or intellectual property.
  4. Positive impact: Brand visuals can have a significant impact on the brand’s perception. The illustration studio needs to be responsible for creating visuals that have a positive impact on the brand’s image and reputation.

A lil more #funfact about KVA: The first movie poster is believed to have been created in 1895 for the French film “La Ciotat” by the Lumière brothers. Google it now!!!!??

Illustration studios play a vital role in crafting captivating KVA designs that effectively convey brand messages and values. To shape whether it’s brand image or reputation, their responsibility and accountability are paramount.

And do you know that KVA can often feature hidden details and Easter eggs that hint at elements of the story or characters? For example, the key visual art for the anime “Death Note” features the main character Light Yagami’s reflection in the eye of the titular Death Note. Cool right??#funfact

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Such an amazing experience work with Arkana! Previously we work with them on the other project, but when we work on this one the results are really great

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Amazing work. They take the time to understand the customers needs and translate simple sketches and turn them into highly detailed work.

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Amazing work! Will definitely work with again! Pays attention to all details and instructions given and listens well! Highly recommended! Will definitely work with again!

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